Lexicography, teaching experience and professional practice. Building bridges between lexicography and industry.

The 4th EMLex-Colloquium is part of a series of annual symposia organised by the EMLex Consortium, which is currently the managing member of the Erasmus Mundus Master in Lexicography.

The current edition on dictionaries and language technologies aims to respond to the needs of a globalised, multilingual and digital society. Its main objective is to create a meeting space between the digital humanities, institutions and the business world. Bridging the gap between interdisciplinary knowledge and institutional and professional needs is essential to innovate and ensure it makes an impact on society.

This interdisciplinary and international colloquium is articulated around a morning session that includes a series of lectures on the topic Teaching and Learning Lexicography as well as a presentation on employability measures. The afternoon session will consist of a fair –Talk with us!-, with the participation of publishers, research groups, institutions and companies.

The round table Building bridges between lexicography and industry with representatives from the business, institutional and university sectors at a national and international level will close the workshop.